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Caribbean Call Centers Booming
Technion recently chose to open a call center on the middle-income island of Barbados, as it spreads its call centers beyond the United States, Canada, the Philippines and Argentina. "We looked at India as well but wanted to stay in areas more culturally aligned," said Bob Guarnieri, director of business development. 
. . . (Full Story March 13, 2005)

New immigration rules announced by Britain
THE United Kingdom (UK) government has announced new immigration and asylum regulations, some of which are likely to affect Jamaicans living, studying or planning to migrate to that country. . . . (Full Story February 15, 2005)
Jamaica on track to meet millennium development goals 
JAMAICA is on track to meeting a number of the millennium development goals adopted by 189 countries at the Millennium Summit held in 2000.
. . . . (Full Story January 19, 2005)
China/Ja trade fair will provide big business opportunities 
The China-Caribbean trade fair and forum, which will be held from February 2-5 2005, will, according to the organisers, provide a golden opportunity for private sector interests in Jamaica and the Caribbean to forge ties with companies from one of the world's largest and fastest-growing economies.
. . . . (Full Story January 5, 2005)
New block system promises cheaper, faster houses 
Housing developer and former president of the Blockmakers Association of Jamaica Denzil Ferguson yesterday officially launched a block and steel building system he invented, which he says will significantly reduce the cost and time of building houses.
. . . . (Full Story December 1, 2004)
Jamaica to Host Forum to Boost Trade 
Caribbean and Chinese officials will gather next year in Jamaica at a forum designed to boost trade between the Asian economic giant and 16 small nations from the region . . . . (Full Story November 8, 2004)
Ivan's damage and costs
It was in the throes of Hurricane Ivan when my mind was concentrating on natural disasters and how these had affected Jamaica's prospects in recent times that I realised how many episodes we have suffered over the last 25 years . . . (Full Story September 16, 2004)
Millions for relief - Private sector pledges support for recovery efforts
PRIVATE SECTOR leaders yesterday pledged support for the Jamaica hurricane relief fund, which has been established by the Patterson administration in the wake of Hurricane Ivan . . . (Full Story September 16, 2004)
NCB offers loans for disaster recovery 
NATIONAL Commercial Bank (NCB) has launched a $150 million loan facility to help Jamaicans rebuild property damaged by Hurricane Ivan. 
. . . (Full Story September 16, 2004)
We be jammin'
When Michael Budman and Don Green decided to name their store Roots, it wasn't lost on the two friends that the name had a distinctly Caribbean tinge.
. . . (Full Story July 31, 2004)
Sangster's Rum Cream wins another int'l award
Sangster's Original Jamaica Rum Cream which is owned by the Lascelles Group has won gold at the Monde Quality Selection 2004 competition 
. . . (Full Story July 9, 2004)
Jamaica encourages business ties with Cuba despite U.S. pressure
The Jamaican government said Tuesday it will continue to encourage business relations with Cuba, despite ongoing pressure by the United States to discourage investment by foreign companies in the communist nation.  . . . (Full Story June 30, 2004)
Bridging a deep divide
THERE IS more than a sliver of hope in at least two recent instances of private sector action that helps to bridge what some say is the great divide between the two Jamaicas. . . . (Full Story June 21, 2004)
NO WOMAN NO CRY - A review
A simply-worded but powerfully impacting story of a woman's journey that included one of the world's most intriguing human beings..  . . . (Full Story June 18, 2004)
Tougher bauxite land policy - Increased penalties for failure to restore mined-out properties
THE JAMAICA Bauxite Institute (JBI) has introduced stiffer penalties for bauxite companies which fail to take steps to rehabilitate mined-out lands
. . . (Full Story June 18, 2004)
Four J'can properties to get Blue Flag certification
FOUR local properties, including the newly-built Port Antonio Marina, are to receive Blue Flag certification later this year, signalling that they are clean and safe for bathing
. . . (Full Story June 16, 2004)

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